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For Students

Gain experience with companies

- Meet a variety of experts in different fields and learn real-life examples of applying your skills

- Find traineeship and job opportunities

- Learn valuable skills that increase your competitive edge in relation to your peers

- Attend the club events and meetings to gain cutting edge knowledge from the experts


- Develop your professional network

- Find internship and job opportunities

- Find project opportunities

- Gather knowledge about the region’s companies’ expertise in different fields

How to get started?

- Join us in our events, the member companies want to meet you! We advertise events here on the website, in social media, Tampere Universities intranet and on the campus’ info screens


- We offer students an opportunity to participate events and meetings as a speaker. Network, showcase your skills and get feedback from company experts


- Contact us if you have a great idea for event or collaboration project!


Any questions?

Thanks for submitting!

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