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Hervanta campus

As a Kampusklubi company member you can book our premises by sending mail to

Hervanta Campus
Korkeakoulunkatu 7
33720 Tampere


Kampusareena 1st floor, Hervanta Campus

  • The Kampusklubi Club Room is available 24/7 for all the club members with key card.

  • Come and have a cup of coffee with Kampusklubi staff on Wednesdays at 9-11.

2nd floor cabinets

A225, A226, A229, A229A, A229B, A229C

Hervanta, Kampusareena

  • 6-10 people depending on the room

  • All the cabinets have tv screen and most of them have also a conference camera

  • Can be used for having lunch from the nearby restaurant

  • Recommended for small meetings​

Check availability here


Hervanta, Kampusareena

  • 15 people

  • Big screen

  • Zoom or Team connection

Check availability here

Auditorium, A223