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Kampusklubi is for companies and organizations who want to expand their networks and visibility on the university campuses, and to connect with research people, students, and new partners.


Kampusklubi is the place for innovating and exchanging ideas with others. Collaboration is a keyword in this concept.


We also arrange events and occasions according to the wishes of our members. Our members have the access to use the carefully selected Kampusklubi premises for different purposes.


Unlike the old Kampusklubi, the new Kampusklubi facilities recite around the Hervanta campus, and in the future also at the City Centre campus. Our main club space is on the 1st floor of Kampusareena, and not on the 5th floor anymore.

Kampusklubi is facilitated by Tamlink in collaboration with Tampere University and SYK Oy.


Upcoming events


Kampusklubi Café 9-11

Kampusklubi members

Nokia Kampusklubi member
Sandvik Kampusklubi member
Vertex Systems Kampusklubi member
Valmet Kampusklubi member
Ponsse Kampusklubi member

The Kampusklubi facilities are for our members to utilize in different occasions like meetings, networking, working, and events.

Kampusklubi meeting room

For working

Kampusklubi is for companies and organizations who want to expand their networks and visibility on the university campus.

We offer many different kinds of workspaces for our members to use alone or in larger groups.

Pasi Vakaslahti

For meetings

As a Kampusklubi member, you get to utilize different facilities reciting the Hervanta campus and also other Tampere University campuses. We have many pleasant, smaller, and bigger meeting rooms and spaces for different size meetings and popup conversations too. Our main club space in the 1st floor of Kampusareena is in 24/7 use of our members.

Kampusklubi meeting room
Kampusklubi events

For events

Kampusklubi is facilitating different events for members but also for larger audiences.

Our members are entitled to arrange their own events at the campuses.

To hear more about our upcoming news and events sign up for our newsletter. See also our event page.

Contact us for more information


Nea Alanen



+358 50 511 4541

Jukka Matikainen

Elina Tiainen

Jukka Matikainen

Kampusklubi Coordinator


+358 40 550 3767

Tamlink Oy


+358 40 533 6379

Pasi Vakaslahti
Hanna Saario

Pasi Vakaslahti

Hanna Saario

Tampere University


+358 40 511 6128



+358 40 571 5454