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Wednesday 25.5.2022
at 14.30 -19.00
Tampere University
Hervanta campus


Kampusklubi Open introduces Kampusklubi as a user interface between business and academia, and showcases Tampere Universities' activities in the areas of innovation and commercialization.


The event gathers together variety of topics and experts from our network. You are warmly welcome to get to know us and meet each other!


Programme will start at the auditorium with brief presentations and case introductions. The rest of the day is reserved for discussions at the cocktail networking event. You will also have a chance to see our versatile Kampusklubi facilities.


Participation is free for all but requires registration.


The event is organized together with Tampere Technical Society.



Our World in 2025-2030: Top 12 Transformational Shifts to 2030
Disruptive Forces that Will Change the Way we Live,

Communicate and Conduct Business

Iain Jawad

Frost & Sullivan

Director, Europe & Israel


14.30–15.00     Afternoon coffee (Tietotalo lobby)

15.00–15.30     Opening words and introductions (Tietotalo Auditorium)

  • Kampusklubi

  • Tampere Technical Society

15.30–16.00     Keynote by Director Iain Jawad, Frost & Sullivan: “Our World in 2025–2030: Top Transformational Shifts to 2030”

16.00–17.00     Presentations (4 x 15 min)

  • DSII case: M.Sc. (Tech.) Samu-Pekka Ojanen, Tampere University: “Gas sensor network for real-time monitoring of air pollutants”

  • R2B case: Adjunct Professor, CeLLife project leader Tuomas Messo, Tampere University: “CeLLife - Transforming e-waste to energy storages using electrical fingerprint”

  • SoC Hub: Professor of Practice Ari Kulmala, Tampere University

  • SPARK Finland: Professor Esa Räsänen, Tampere University: “SPARK Finland as a Top Biotech Incubator: A Case Example from Physicist’s Perspective”


••••••••••• Short walk to restaurant Reaktori •••••••••••


17.00–19.00     Networking cocktail event at the restaurant Reaktori (Kampusareena 2nd floor)

  • Tampere Universities XR Campus VR demo (Reaktori lobby area)

19.00–20.30     Casual “afterparty” to continue discussions (Kampusareena 1st floor)

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at 14.30-19.00


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